Wednesday, 14 July 2010

4D man

It appears a new type of man is emerging in 2010, a 4D or a 4 dimensional man. Someone has spent a lot of time and money on that one and concluded:
  • he's not as tribal as his predecessors, the metrosexual and the lad (when you were either in with the gang or against it, no middle ground, thank you very much)
  • he's increasingly interested in culture (since when watching endless episodes of The Wire makes them cultured?) and is more health conscious (a starve day anyone?)
  • he's confident, individual and has varied interests and passions (or, rather, inability to finish what they've started...)
  • he engages with multi digital platforms (whatever this means)
  • he's likely to be 15-40 years old (how convenient: the likely reader of men's mags..)
That someone (who did the research, I mean) is a publisher of many a glossy men's mag. Now they want to cater to the needs of that new man and say their titles will be "pivotal in helping the men become more 4D." The advertisers are onto them, too: they want to "reach and interact" with the new man.

So, more pressure to become something you're not and more pressure to spend your pennies on this and that (including the mags, of course!). Thank God Max refuses to be a sheep and doesn't follow the crowds! Might have something to do with his innate dislike of spending money but I'm glad for once...

I haven't quite worked out the 4D thing as yet... Could be a bit of a problem... They were so much easier to control living in 2D: just food and sex...