Monday, 7 June 2010

Wipe me, baby, one more time...

The other thing about cats is that they vomit a lot, usually for no obvious reason. And, usually in a sneaky place so you only find it a week or so later.

I suppose we're lucky to have no carpets in the house so it's only a matter of detecting, scooping and wiping the floor clean. It's not much bother, really, you just use a damp cloth, then go over with a piece of paper kitchen towel. Voila!

And, if you are Max, you can always dry this piece of paper towel in the airing cupboard or on the radiator, and use it again...


  1. I got a little worried when I saw that title, but I'm relieved to read it wasn't quite as bad as I feared!

  2. Well, it could have been... Watch this space as I have a bathroom story coming up...