Thursday, 27 May 2010


Now we're both set up to work from home, Max has declared we don't need two cars. Which is a reasonable proposition, considering the beginnings are difficult and the money is thight. And considering the cost of insurance, servicing etc, and the odd re-spray after the local riffraff have been out on their bikes again. Two months ago, Max had the front bumper on his car re-sprayed and other bits touched up, which meant parting with £300. When needs must...

But, not having to drive to work, we're now saving on fuel, putting in £5 at a time (£10 at most), in case the prices drop tomorrow... Still, his car guzzles more than mine so it would have to go.

A note went up in his car's window, inviting offers and... nobody's interested. No one's phoned, not a peep. And then a good neighbour called: "Better come out. Your car's all over the road...".

It wasn't quite that bad. The front bumper was ripped off (lights, cables and all) but the main bodywork wasn't badly damaged. The police and the insureres are after the culprit - the good neighbour had seen the whole thing happen. Which means, other than the hassle of it all, the repair shouldn't cost us a thing... "Had I known, I could have saved myself 300 quid!", said Max and I mumbled something about this curious thing called "hindsight"...

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